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The Home Alarm helps you stay guarded with high tech motion sensors, geared to track even the slightest movement around your premise. In case of any break-in into your property, the system sends an immediate alert and raises an alarm to warn you of any such activities. The latest cutting edge technology is equipped with a knowledge to differentiate the movement of your pet at home from the movement of a human, thereby adding a more stringent security check against a false alarm.

The brain behind Zicom’s Home Alarm System composes of its Main Panel and the iAlert Station system. The Main Wireless Panel works rigorously to support all the other wireless detector such as motion sensors, glass break detectors etc. To add to the convenience of the panel, the user can easily arm or disarm the system through a Pin, Key FOB or a Telephone.

The Wireless Main Panel can be connected via a telephone line to the Zicom Command Center (ZCC). In case of a break-in or an emergency the sensors send alarm signals to the Main Panel which in turn triggers an alarm to the ZCC team for further action.


  • User friendly, whether you are a Homeowner or Tenant
  • Gain total control of your property even while you are away
  • Ensure safety before you even open the door
  • Keep your interiors intact with zero electrical / civil mess
  • Flexible System expansion based on your security needs
  • System can connect up to 32 wireless / wired sensors
  • Enjoy the option to Activate / De-activate the device remotely